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Ramona Braganza - 321 Training Method


A Life Transforming program that will not only improve your overall health, help you to lose weight and gain muscle but is also designed to improve your mental toughness, and resilience, allowing you to handle anything life throws at you!

Becoming a Real Life Superhero requires you to first and foremost be Healthy! Over the 10 weeks I will be layering on healthy habits designed to gradually improve the way you live. We will begin with easy small changes and as the weeks progress bring in some challenges.

Remain on each week for the entire week following the guidelines. It is best to join with a buddy checking in daily with them keeps you both accountable. You can also join the private face book page where I will be posting weekly motivation tips to help you reach your goals.

True transformation takes time, commitment, dedication, perseverance (If you fall off your plan just get back on it the next day) It takes effort and focus but the good news is that it goals can be achieved!

I wish you all Superhero Strength of Body Mind and Spirit!

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