Join me on a motivational and inspirational experience set within luxurious, resort-style locations across the globe.

These exclusive retreats range between 1-7 days, and offer attendees a chance to achieve breakthrough improvements in their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Fit Retreat - Ramona Braganza

The 3•2•1 Fit Retreats include:

  • Daily 3•2•1 Training Method Workouts including a personalized workout program and complimentary DVD Informative session.
  • Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3•2•1 Nutrition Plan Ebook
  • Healthy cooking classes featuring fresh local ingredients.
  • Daily yoga classes to release stress and increase flexibility.
  • Daily meditative practices, often led in a beautiful tropical setting.
  •  3•2•1 Transform: a potentially life-changing experience to empower you and increase confidence.