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With a lifetime spent in fitness as a competitive gymnast, NFL cheerleader, fitness contestant, model and wellness coach, my true passion is guiding all walks of people toward a better life – mind, body, and spirit. People lose weight and build strength with my DVDs, Mobile app, lifestyle Diet and Nutrition plans. They attend my retreats or connect with me online for my one to one sessions and they follow my blog adventures to be inspired. With my 3-2-1 Philosophy, people can tackle anything life throws at them because they’ll have wellness for the mind, fitness for the body, and peace for the spirit.

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Jessica Alba

Whether I’m having to quickly get in shape for a movie or bouncing back from having a baby, Ramona’s workout programs are consistently fun and effective. Mixing cardio and weight training, no workout is ever the same and so it’s never boring. Ramona also gives the best encouragement and always has a smile on her face, which is always a plus when getting through a tough workout.

Jessica Alba

Latest Posts

Pulling Back to Push Your Life Forward

Today I awoke to the surprising news that a fellow Wellness Coach Bob Harper, an emblem of health the article noted, had suffered a heart attack at age 51 while working out. A motivator, fitness guru, and “Biggest Loser” trainer was now in the hospital and recovering.... read more

Holiday Party Survival Tips! What the Stars know

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. It’s that time of year – office parties, intimate friendly get-togethers, family holiday celebrations – finding something to wear is half the battle. How to enjoy the holidays without overdoing it on food and drink is the other half. Celebrity or... read more

Halle Berry

I have exercised for most of my adult life but getting back in shape after having my baby proved to be quite challenging. Ramona’s simple but smart workout regime made getting my pre-baby body back educational, fun and almost effortless. Her program really works!

Halle Berrry

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Tom Welling

Ramona’s workouts are engaging, challenging, and dynamic. The results are real and provide functional strength.

Tom Welling

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Go to my you tube Chanel and catch this informative segment on #meditation #stressrelease #feelgood #mindfulness #motivatiionmonday ...

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I will be giving a master class next week at Breach Candy location of Nitrro an amazing gym ! Join me Dec 4,5 and 6 morning or evening class! ...

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Thanks for featuring an interview with me 94.3 Radio ONE Mumbai see you at the #morningfitnessparty tomorrow! ...

#MumbaiOnDemand: #Morningfitnessparty @ 12pm : #Foodtrails @1pm : Tune in to 94.3 Radio ONE Mumbai & hear our host Annie A Marwaha - Annie.AKM in a conversation with Ramona Braganza & Pankhil Shah, the co- owner of Woodside Inn - Colaba! Ramona is a fitness contestant, wellness trainer,NFL cheerleader & the list goes on! Whats more is that she is the secret behind the hot bods of celebrities like Zoe Saldana , Dakota Johnson Official, Zac Effron, Jessica Alba ! Ramona & RJ Annie will be at Verbena - BrewPub & SkyGarden for Morning Fitness Party- 26th Nov, 2017 Mumbai! Book your tickets on FITERNITY APP to book your slot for the same & join them! #Foodtrails : Woodside inn is a brewery which has its various outlets around the city! They serve more than 25 types of crafted beers & cocktails, accompanied by lip smacking finger foods. Tune in to find out more!

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