Welcome to Zero to Superhero

A 10- Week transformation of Mind Body and Spirit

We are more than just our thoughts we are also our bodies, our emotions and our spirituality. All these things combine and determine our overall health and make us who we are.

During these unfamiliar times of Stress and Anxiety we have seen how living a life on autopilot no longer applies.  Becoming strong mentally, physically and emotionally is going to determine if you and your family survive and transition. 

I have carefully placed a number of variables into this program meant to motivate, inspire, and provide information that you can use in your daily life. From my 40 plus years of being in the Sports and Fitness scene I pull lessons I have learned to apply and I will be bringing in additional experts to give you some valuable tools you can use. Because no two people are the same, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another I will do my best to help you customize but the foundational principles remain the same for everyone.

Our program will require you to have a way to monitor steps/distance/heart rate.

A Fit bit is a great tool and while many phones can track distance they are not able to track heart rate accurately, if you have an underlying condition that requires careful monitoring of heart rate, or blood pressure please come equipped.

Please come with a large water bottle and a towel if needed. Masks up to get inside location but when we are training we shall social distance and you wont need to wear the mask. You will be signing an exercise /Covid waiver, and please don’t come if you are feeling unwell.

We will be planning to do our Wednesday and Sunday workouts outdoors as much as possible and the location will be communicated on our face book group page by noon the day of meeting. If weather is good we shall train at the TISS track, the fields/hill on Laurier. Other wise plan to meet and train indoors at Stingers – a $5 entry fee needs to be paid to the front desk upon entry.  As our time together is 1 hour except for Sundays when it includes a half an hour tutorial at the start and is 1.5 hours, we will be starting on time and doing  a workout which will include Cardiovascular training,  Strength, Core, Flexibility, and Agility.

As mentioned this course is for everyone from Zero (couch potato) to Superhero (frequent exerciser)  It will also transition you depending on your Effort, Commitment, Dedication and your ability to follow my advice.

I have recently seen the loss of 2 pounds a week with this simple but effective plan, so come ready to rumble! Give it 100 % effort and you will leave ready to tackle all that 2021 has in store for you!

Cheers Ramona Braganza

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    Please note:

    I will be recording the sessions for future use as an online tool for members who miss sessions and for those not in the Brockville area. I will require signing of a release the first session together. Please indicate if you are ok with this.