As the Oscars air next weekend and the red carpet is waiting in the wings, what really is going on this final week before the winners take the stage?

As a celebrity trainer during award season I am often called in at the last minute to help tighten this and tone that. While many of my celebrities engage in year round fitness programs sometimes schedules don’t allow so I get the call a week or two before they walk the red carpet.

This has been the case on 2 occasions with one of my favorite clients, the lovely and talented Anne Hathaway.  To help her get Red Carpet Ready I have used these star strategies to get her looking fit and feeling fabulous.


Kick off your red carpet ready look, by amping up your workouts. Increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of your workouts the week before your big event. You can do this by adding intervals to your cardio program, increasing your weights, reps or sets, or by decreasing the rest time between sets.


Hydrate constantly by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Drinking this much water will aid you in your red carpet workout by flushing out your system, increasing your energy, and keeping your skin glowing. You can choose to drink warm water and adding a lemon to aid in digestion and reducing water retention.


To get red carpet ready for a big event, you need to get to bed earlier starting one week before the big day. Sleeping for 8 hours a night is ideal for regulating your metabolism, keeping your memory sharp, and also reducing stress. Most importantly, since were talking a big event, proper sleep will reduce under eye puffiness. Getting proper sleep is a common beauty secret of the stars for getting red carpet ready.


Bloat-proof your belly by avoiding foods that are salty and gassy.  Such foods include broccoli, cauliflower, beans/ lentils, and large quantities of fruit. To get red carpet ready, include some de-bloaters like asparagus, fennel, and cucumber which aid in digestion and reduce water retention.


When preparing for a big event, avoid alcohol that week. Alcohol can leave your face bloated and puffy and eyes glassy and bloodshot. In general, limit alcohol most of the time. Alcohol is a fattening beverage that dehydrates your body, in including your skin. Dull skin never leads to a red carpet ready look!


It’s important to de-stress when trying to get red carpet ready. Take the day off from the gym and opt for a yoga class, a walk or hike, or maybe even a spa day full of massages and facials instead. De-stressing can even be as simple as getting together with friends that make you laugh and relax before the big event.


The day of your red carpet look, you’ll want to pump up those shoulders and arms to look great in your gown! Try this push-up series I use with my A list actresses. Begin standing squat down and do one push-up then squat to stand, squat down and perform 2 push-ups squat to stand, repeat for  3, 4, 5 all the way until 10 push-ups your half way done, now count backwards 9, 8, 7 push-ups all the way to one push-up.  Total push-ups performed 100 and over 20 burpees for abs!