Today I realized my true calling when I saw the the nodding heads of 15 teenage girls who barely understood English, but who got the bigger message I was sharing with them.

Coming from a terrifying past of having been trafficked at a young age, harmed physically and emotionally and now in a safe house, these girls were looking up at me smiling as I presented a talk called “Empower, Believe, Create, Succeed”. It is the motivational talk I give often at conventions in the Western world to a wide variety of people, people who have homes, families, enough food to eat, money to spend but who just need a push at getting motivated.

Today this talk took on a whole new meaning. Motivation of the mind was going to be the crestor online them between life on the street again, or a life of hope in the real world. With a translator I shared the secret I have experienced in my life; we are all capable of doing anything we set our minds to do, even in times where we feel we can’t go on.

I saw them light up, I challenged them to become my first Fitness trainers in India; they got excited. Then I demonstrated to them that we are all capable of being strong and fit as I dropped down and did 30 push-ups (in my old age LOL) They laughed and tried to imitate me.

Today was a very special Sunday. Sure, it’s great to train movie stars, but its even more rewarding to be able to empower those who have not discovered their own potential yet in this world. Girl power!