The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia has officially begun today! The last Winter Games took place in Vancouver, Canada – the city I often find myself in working on film projects. It feels like only yesterday the city was buzzing with hopeful athletes and excited spectators cheering them over the finishing line. We all love watching our favorite events, and some of us even participate in the same sports. While we all can’t be Olympians, you can take small and easy steps to get your body in gold medal shape simply by including some sport-specific training techniques and practicing proper nutrition.

Join me over the course of the 2014 Winter Olympic games on my Facebook page where you will learn how you can train like an Olympian. It starts with thinking like an Olympian and taking the extra steps today, for an improved tomorrow.

Why not use the Winter Games as a time-frame to reach your milestones? Every 4 years do a health and fitness check-in. Are you at your personal best?

If not then take this opportunity to start! Whether your goal is to lose weight, or build muscle, everyone can learn from Olympic athletes. Join me over the next 15 days where you will learn exercises used by Olympic athletes, how to have an Olympian diet, and how to put yourself into an Olympian mind frame.

Be inspired by the Olympians to be your personal best… let the games begin!

It’s as easy as 3-2-1!