In April, I flew my Mom out from Ontario to appear with me on a local Vancouver talk show called Urban Rush. I wanted her to demonstrate the cardio portion of my 321 Training Method. There’s nothing too amazing about this – except that my mom is 76 years old. That’s right – 76.

My mom recently came out of retirement, took her personal trainer certification and Zumba instruction, and now teaches 13 classes a week at local gyms and seniors’ apartments.

When I think ahead about my life, I wonder what I’ll be doing when I’m her age. Will my mind be able to pass exams? Will I have kept up my physical activity and still be able to teach? Will I laugh as easily as she laughs? And what is it that she knows or does that keeps her so young?

If I were to pinpoint one thing, I’d say that she’s always included physical activities in her routine that have forced her to include her mind – things like dancing, for example. Learning new routines and performing them in dance recitals until well in her sixties has kept her mind sharp, her body flexible and her adrenaline pumping.

Alzheimer’s has always been a worry for her but, after passing her recent exams, that worry has been put to rest. So, with a clean bill of health off she went: teaching classes and mixing with the community, which keeps her social, happy and feeling incredibly productive. All these factors combine to give her a youthful energy and positive outlook.

She’s my inspiration and always will be.