Welcome to the Ramona 3-2-1 Mobile App Tech Support Page

Technical issues with the Ramona 3-2-1 App are rare, but sometimes happen. If you are experiencing issues with the App, we would be happy to assist you. Please contact us using the contact form on this page.

Please be sure to accurately record your email address and describe your issue in detail. Someone from our technical support department will contact you ASAP to resolve the issue.

When you submit your issue, please describe it in as much detail as possible. e.g.:

  • what are you experiencing (unresponsive App, crash, unpredictable/unexpected behaviour)?
  • when does it happen (at the same place in the app, at unpredictable times/places)
  • how frequently does it happen? (every time, occasionally)
  • can you reproduce the issue reliably? What are the steps?

The more and better information you provide, the quicker and easier it will be to resolve your issue. …and we are most happy to get the issue resolved ASAP!

Email our Support Department

Common Causes of Technical Issues

Issues with the Ramona 3-2-1 App can usually be traced to a few common sources. Before you contact us for assistance, please follow the guidelines below, as they will likely lead to a solution to your problem.

Out-of-date iOS Version

The Ramona 3-2-1 App is designed to work with the latest version of iOS, which is currently 7.1.1. Your Apple device should have the latest version of iOS on it before you install the Ramona 3-2-1 App. To check the iOS version and/or to update the version go to Settings | General | Software Update on your device. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to update your device to the latest iOS version.

Please note, you will need about 1 GB of free memory to apply the iOS update to your device. If this is not the case, or if you have run out of free memory altogether, please follow the instructions in the next section, before attempting to update the iOS version.

If you continue to experience issues with the Ramona 3-2-1 App after you update the iOS, it sometimes helps to uninstall the Ramona 3-2-1 App, and re-install it after the iOS update.

Low Device Memory

Low device memory can cause errors and unpredictable behaviour in the Ramona 3-2-1 App. Low device memory is not to be confused with low iCloud memory, which has no effect on the functioning of the Ramona 3-2-1 App.

To check the amount of free memory on your device, go to Settings | General | Usage. At the top of the screen is the caption “STORAGE” and beneath it is the amount of Available (free) memory. Sometimes the available memory is shown in Gigabytes (GB), sometimes in Megabytes (MB). 1 GB = 1024 MB.

To free up memory, delete any unwanted or unused Apps which appear in the list below. Make a note of which ones you intent to delete (and the amount of memory their deletion will free up). Exit Settings, find your App icon and tap & hold the icon until it begins to wobble. Click the (x) in the upper left corner to delete it and confirm the deletion message. Deletion of an App will remove it and it’s data from your device. Apps that have been deleted can be re-installed anytime using the Apple ID used to purchase them, provided they are still available on the App Store.

Out-of-date Ramona 3-2-1 Version

Start the Ramona 3-2-1 App and tap Settings | Credits. At the top of the page under the logo, you will find the Version #. The latest version is 1.0. If your App is not this version, you are eligible for an update.

To update your Ramona 3-2-1, tap the App Store icon. Tap “Updates” at the bottom right. Scroll down until you find the Ramona 3-2-1 App or tap “Purchased” and search for “Ramona”. When the App icon is displayed, the button to the right should say [Update]. Tap the [Update] button to update the App.

Additional Information

For more and more general information on App troubleshooting, click here.