Celebrity Clients

Amanda Seyfried

Ramona works with me any hour of the day to ensure I get my workouts in when I’m working. I’ve never felt so in shape on a film. I leave it up to her in the hour I spend with her each session. She’s funny, intelligent, makes everything fun and always switches things up. I’m a little addicted at this point and I know she’ll be a part of my fitness life from this point on.

Paula Patton

It was an absolute pleasure training with Ramona. She is very talented and skilled at sculpting the body. If I was to ask her to focus on certain body parts she would and within a week I could see a real difference. Due to my schedule sometimes we would work out for 90 minutes and sometimes it would be as little as 20 minutes but she always knew how to make every minute count and I always felt challenged at the end of every workout. We would also have to train at the oddest hours and what was so impressive is that Ramona always had the same great, positive attitude. What was also special was her understanding of the importance of stretching and a bit of massage after every workout. I was blessed to have the opportunity to train with her.

Anne Hathaway

I work with Ramona whenever I’m in Los Angeles. She has gotten me in shape for films, the red carpet, and has helped me greatly improve my overall health. Making sure I look good and feel better, her workouts are fun and challenging.

Dominic Cooper

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication toward my fatty mid-section. You have made working out a total joy.

Tom Welling

Ramona’s workouts are engaging, challenging, and dynamic. The results are real and provide functional strength.

Mary Murphy

Thanks so much for helping me realize my weight loss goals. Your easy, caring, nurturing, yet strong style gave me the confidence to continue and not stop. As someone with a degree in physical education, your knowledge of the body, equipment, and mind are simply impressive. The world needs millions like you to wage the war of obesity in this country. With all my gratitude for helping me get myself back to even better health than when I was 20!!

Dania Ramirez

Ramona has been amazing for me because she is not just a trainer, I have to be pushed into lifting weights when I don’t feel like it, but she listens to me and understands that I need variation in my workout as I can get easily bored. She has a way to focus the workout to train the problem areas that are specific to me. Because of her great knowledge of the body she is able to take my injuries if any into consideration while still giving me a great workout. Most of all, she makes me feel comfortable, like I can tell her anything, she keeps me looking good in the healthiest possible way. Love her!!

Jessica Alba

Whether I’m having to quickly get in shape for a movie or bouncing back from having a baby, Ramona’s workout programs are consistently fun and effective. Mixing cardio and weight training, no workout is ever the same and so it’s never boring. Ramona also gives the best encouragement and always has a smile on her face, which is always a plus when getting through a tough workout.

Halle Berry

I have exercised for most of my adult life but getting back in shape after having my baby proved to be quite challenging. Ramona’s simple but smart workout regime made getting my pre-baby body back educational, fun and almost effortless. Her program really works!