Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan

When it comes to weight loss I have always believed that eating properly is 50% of the equation at the same time I have never believed in dieting. For this reason, I developed my 3-2-1 Nutrition plan a “Way of Life” eating program to help you fuel your body with the right foods, in the right amounts at the right times for healthy, lifelong nutritional habits. Packed with recipes including ones like my client Jessica Albas healthy and delicious Blueberry Tofu cheesecake my book contains menu plans and eating out guide to take the guess work out of managing your nutrition and get you the leaner healthier body of your dreams.

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1 on 1 Training

As a Global fitness expert I am often travelling the world but “Mobi Coach” a live remote coaching solution makes it easy to stay connected with my clients and now with you.

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