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Become a Certified 321 Trainer

Have you wondered how to become a Celebrity trainer? Do you want to know how to train your clients to get that Hollywood body like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Zac Efron or Ryan Reynolds among many more? Look no further than Ramona Braganza’s signature ‘3-2-1 Training Method’ program with courses being offered globally.

As an accredited course (with Canfitpro), this program gives you the opportunity to become a qualified 3-2-1 instructor and be listed on a global database. The 321 Training Method Level 1 and 2 is suitable for gym instructors and personal trainers who want to learn new ways to help clients achieve great results. Level 1 focuses on proper form and technique when strength training in a multiple day program that progresses clients safely. Level 2 covers unilateral and compound exercises that will get your clients fit fast.

Coming this summer to Vancouver the 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone Certification Program

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Feel Fit, Look Fantastic in 3-2-1

Have you ever wondered how Jessica Alba got ready for her bikini scenes for the movie “Into the Blue”? After years of teaching my signature exercise and nutrition programs to Hollywood’s elite, I am excited to reveal the stars secret weapons to their success.

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